Outdoor Adventure Activities

These events are focused on group empowerment, the cultivation of creativity and stress reduction. All events are based on facilitation availability. We seek to meet your needs, so we welcome requests for other activities you might have in mind.

Survival Skills in the Wild

Learn how to survive in a worst-case scenario, or learn how to forage for fun. Allow our expert survivalist to show you how to find food, shelter and water in the wild. Replenish your pioneer spirit.

Naturalist Tours

Take advantage of the beautiful, educational and natural setting of Woodloch. Learn about our interesting biodiversity through presentations on our plants and wildlife. All tours will take place along our paved walkways through our nature trail and/or path around our lake. These tours are best for smaller groups, may vary with the seasons, and are subject to availability.

“For the Birds”

The scenic Pocono Mountains are home to well over one hundered species of birds. Here at Woodloch, one of our prized traditions is creating wild, wacky, and sometimes very beautiful bird houses for our “flying companions” to live in. Enjoy the company of good friends and teamwork while you craft your very own birdhouse to either take home or donate to a family of Woodloch’s feathered friends.

Fishing Excursion

Explore the Zen of fishing. Our local expert angler will show you how to hook The Big One on our very own Lake Teedyuskung. (There’s world class fishing and fly fishing available nearby.) *Fishing licenses are required.


Enjoy a picturesque tour of our nature trail via our hayride- add some extra fun with acoustic guitar music from our house musician! Take advantage of the seasonal offering of our extremely popular Haunted Hayrides, October and November, and the Festival of Lights Tours in December!

Bumper Boats, Bumper Cars and Go Carts

These events are offered without the pressure of competition… just plain old-fashioned fun for everyone! Your group will enjoy exclusive access to these activities. The event time frame and group size are open. Bumper Cars and Go Carts are available year round (weather permitting).


A great activity that focuses on good aim and quick reflexes! Using our 20-gauge shotguns, participants shoot at clay targets launched from a trap tower. Our staff members are there to guide all participants and instruct new shooters. Each event is approximately one hour, can accommodate any size group and is available year round.

Archery and Paintball Adventures

Bullseye! Check out Woodloch’s brand new archery range sure to please everyone from beginner’s to the modern day Robin Hood in your group! Then gear up for battle as you take on our Paintball Adventures! Enjoy classic games like “Capture the Flag” and “Elimination!”

Segway Challenge

You’ve seen them around from time to time… now learn how to operate these mechanical marvels! Once your group has received safety training, experience a set of games and challenges to put your skill to the test!